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Kim Se-Kwon Identified Teacher Hanyang University South

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Korea AsianScientist(Jun. 8, 2021)– Despite covering over 70 percent of our earth, a huge majority of the ocean stays untouched.

Also with so little gain access to, the ocean continues to provide nutrition and also sources for mankind.For example, carrageenan as well as algins produced from algae are utilized in every little thing from tooth paste to plant foods. To commemorate World Oceans Day, we highlight the myriad advantages of the sea– and also the trendsetters who transform marine materials right into life-saving products.Professor Kim Se-Kwon of Hanyang College is dedicated to using products from the sea to profit health. To strengthen bones as well as teeth, as an example, he formerly developed an easily soaked up water-soluble calcium derived from fish intestines and bones.In his 4 years of working in aquatic biotechnology

as an elderly teacher at Pukyong National University and also the director of the Marine Bioprocess Research Center (MBPRC), Kim has actually authored over 550 research study documents, holds 140 licenses as well as has actually written as well as edited over 50 books– spanning whatever from refining raw marine microorganisms into important biomaterials to creating varied items like hair development tonic as well as liver health and wellness supplements.Speaking to Eastern Researcher Publication, Kim shares the driving force behind his job, as well as his expect the future of aquatic biotechnology.What sparked your passion in marine biotechnology?The Southern part of the Oriental peninsula is majorly covered by an ocean which contains plentiful aquatic resources. These aquatic resources contain

  1. crustaceans, algae and also fish which are underutilized. I was
  2. interested by marine organisms as their unique substances are not offered and also producible in terrestrial organisms.I wanted to learn exactly how aquatic resources could be made use of to benefit humanity, so I started a marine biochemistry and biology lab to examine as well as establish industrial items made from marine macroalgae, microalgae and fish. In the last four decades, we have actually been working to develop useful products, brand-new biomaterials and discover the utilization of aquatic origin products.What makes marine organisms excellent for various pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and also cosmeceutical applications?Marine animals live in a severe setting with high salinity, low degrees of oxygen and high stress. They have one-of-a-kind metabolic and physical procedures as well as it is thought that they generate possibly bioactive metabolites.Even though around 70 percent of Earth surface is covered by water and also regarding 80 percent of all microorganisms dwell in the sea, very restricted research study jobs have been executed in the sea for business item development. I have actually serviced developing anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetics, anti-HIV, anti-oxidant, impotence and also hair development products from aquatic biomaterials.

    To isolate the energetic components from marine resources, Kim uses a rotavapor system that eliminates unwanted solvents. Picture: Kim Se-Kwon. Could you share instances of notable items you have developed? We have been dealing with different aquatic bioresources for bioactive elements to deal with diseases. Several useful bioactive parts exist in aquatic resources in the form of proteins, polysaccharides and also lipids, however continue to be underutilized. To transform these elements right into bioresources, we utilize bioprocesses and also bioconversion techniques.One instance of an usual bioresource are chitooligosaccharides (COS )drawn from shellfish’s shells, which are usually not taken in by people. Commonly, COS is created utilizing chemical or enzymatic approaches. The chemical technique can create some health problems due to trace quantities of hazardous side products. The enzymatic approach can be costly, hard to mass produce as well as inconsistent.To address these concerns, I developed the initial continual COS manufacturing system with enzymes that can successfully create COS of different molecular weights using a membrane layer bioreactor system.The system can be used to create relatively tiny molecular weight COS with different organic tasks such as anticancer, antioxidant, antihypertension, anti-dementia activities and also more. I have actually moved the modern technology to a company for mass production on a commercial range for industrial applications.We also established different sort of cosmeceuticals from marine algae such as UV-ray obstructing representatives, crease improvement, lightening products and also hair development tonic. Over 4 years, Kim has actually shared his research study through

    550 research study papers and also over 50 publications, including an encyclopedia of marine biotechnology. Image: Kim Se-Kwon. What are some interesting jobs you are presently functioning on?Due to changing

    way of lives and also food habits in addition to air pollution, lots of people remain in bad health. My method for disease treatment is” avoidance is much better than treatment”. Lots of energetic organic materials from marine

  3. microorganisms have health and wellness benefits without any side effects which can protect from harmful diseases.Recently, I have been exploring just how aquatic polysaccharides from algae as well as shellfishes can be used in the advancement of cosmetics, injury dressing, medication delivery and also tissue engineering. I am also currently editing a book outlining the potential of COS in condition prevention as well as control.What suggestions do you have for striving young researchers from Asia?? I

    always ask my pupils to show a favorite saying or maxim that encourages them when they face difficulties. Their plans might be messed up or upset, but they can draw fresh courage from their chosen maxim as well as renew their resolution.When you intend to get success, you need to deal with enthusiasm and pain. No pain, no gain. When you are trying to achieve your objectives

  4. in study, work or research study, you need to appreciate your job
  5. with a concentrated mind. The world has plenty of competitors as well as technical enhancement– we have to apply to foster advancement by researching with a passion.This article is from a regular monthly series called Asia’s Scientific Trailblazers. Click here to check out other posts in the series.—— Copyright: Asian Scientist Publication; Image: Kim Se-Kwon. Please note: This write-up does not always reflect the sights of AsianScientist or its team. Jill Arul Jill Arul finished with a degree in Communication Research studies from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, with a keen rate of interest for science and also a passion for narration. Jill Arul graduated with a level in Communication Research studies from Nanyang Technological University,