Day: June 8, 2021

over 70 percent of our world, a large majority of the sea remains untouched. Also with so little access, the ocean proceeds to give nourishment and also sources for humanity.

To celebrate Globe Oceans Day, we highlight the myriad advantages of the sea– and the pioneers that transform aquatic materials into life-saving products.Professor Kim Se-Kwon of Hanyang University is committed to using materials from the sea to profit health and wellness., Kim shares the driving force behind his work, and also his hopes for the future of aquatic biotechnology.What sparked your interest in aquatic biotechnology?The Southern component of the Oriental peninsula is majorly covered by an ocean that has plentiful aquatic sources. I was

amazed by aquatic microorganisms as their one-of-a-kind substances are not readily available and producible in terrestrial organisms.I wanted to discover out exactly how aquatic resources could be made use of to profit the human race, so I started an aquatic biochemistry and biology laboratory to explore and create commercial items made from aquatic macroalgae, microalgae and also fish. In the last four years, we have actually been functioning to establish important products, brand-new biomaterials and also discover the use of aquatic origin products.What makes aquatic microorganisms excellent for different pharmaceutical, nutraceutical as well as cosmeceutical applications?Marine animals live in a severe setting with high salinity, low degrees of oxygen and also high stress. To separate the energetic ingredients from aquatic sources, Kim utilizes a rotavapor system that gets rid of unwanted solvents.